Choose your destiny

After writing various posts on a forum, not about games, I was told I should get my pale ass onto WordPress and start a blog. And become paler.

What is blog?

Well a blog is what everyone seems to be doing on the internet today, writing about something they think is exciting/interesting when to you or me it could be as stimulating as cold damp toast.

Personally I think what I’m writing about is not only educational but interesting, funny, witty not to mention, entertaining. I can’t say it’s for all ages because I strongly believe in words like fuck, to convey a point. I can’t say it’s for everyone because I don’t know them and as for the Americans, well, who cares what they think huh?. Only joking my corpulent cousins.

This blog is here to read at your own leisure…I’m merely here to entertain, if it offends, there is a button marked ‘X’ in the top right of your window, if you wish to make a complaint.

You’ll find posts, mainly about games i guess, but i think a lot. So who knows.


Say what you see!

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