Anderson M5 RC motocross bike

The great thing about being an ‘adult’, is that you can experience what it felt like to buy something pointless, that makes you giggle like a child again but with the added bonus of feeling what the debt feels like too.

2 Responses to “Anderson M5 RC motocross bike”

  1. Mark Worthington Says:

    Hi. Nice vid. Can u recommend this bike. Was unsure if it would pull wheelies etc with stock motor etc. What you think. Cheers.

    • Mark…i would recommend the bike…it’s well constructed and easy to use but you’re right about musing over the stock parts.
      As it comes I imagine it’s pretty weak in a pro RC user’s eyes…no power wheelies and the steering damper could have been better stock.
      I think the prices for the mods aren’t ridiculous so it’s a nice hobby to keep going.

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