Mortal Mikey In India

In November last year I was invited to a wedding for a good friend of mine. The idea was to visit India for a short time with my partner, and leave after the wedding but the trip ended up being much more than I anticipated. Traveling by Airplane, camel, elephant, motorbike, goat and car…ok, not goat, but I wouldn’t put it past the Indians to utilise them as a means to get around. I visited ancient temples, sacred rivers and beautiful landscaped gardens, traveling a couple of thousand kilometers. I could probably write a small book on the shenanigans that occurred in India, but instead, I tried to capture some of the experiences on video and compile them here. There was far too much video footage and photos to get it all in, without becoming a feature length production, so I hope you enjoy the short I’ve put together.

Mortal Mikey

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